Preparing for ISTE: Technology builds a global classroom

This year, our school is invited to participate in the ISTE 2016, another exciting global collaboration. It is an education technology conference from June 26-29, and I will be attending and speaking. To prepare for the conference, I am going to have a review of my learning experience using technology in school.

I would like to divide my experience into sections, this post only covers the use of technology to construct a virtual global classroom.

I participated in two projects last year:

  • Flat Connection Global Project 2015 (FCGP)
  • Connected to students in Norway using blogs and Skype

These projects gave me the opportunity to connect with American and Norwegian students on various platforms.

Flat Connection Global Project 2015 (FCGP)

The Flat Connections Global Project is a collaborative project that uses Web 2.0 tools to support connection, communication, collaboration and creation (FCGP, 2015). These tools include Google Doc, the Ning, iMovie, and our own blogs.

I was a team leader in the Flat Connection Global Project 2015, and my topic was Learning Analytics.

The project outcome is called a Video Creation Process. Everyone involved in the project created a communication video that shares our research and the ideas based on the topic.

The video I made has won two awards:

  1. Multimedia Meta-Awards- Third place
    (Explanation: the best multimedia works overall from the SIX topic winners in each group.)

    Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.36.32 pm
    Screenshot of the Awards Slideshow presented at the FCGP 15-1 Awards Ceremony
  2. Multimedia Awards – First place in Learning Analytics 
    (Explanation: These awards go to the best multimedia works)

    Screenshot of the Awards Slideshow presented at the FCGP 15-1 Awards Ceremony

    Here’s the video I made for FCGP 2015, tell me what do you think!

Connected to students in Norway using blogs and Skype

After doing the FCGP, we created another global classroom with students in Norway. Instead of co-creating, we aimed to learn about each other’s culture through technology. We researched about Norway and designed questions for them to answer. We had Skype sessions with the teacher and students separately. Students in both schools were paired up as study buddies. It was an interesting learning experience.

I made a video concluded my experience in this project. I also documented each stage of the project in this blog, you’ll see the interaction of students on the comments!

Here’s my video:

Please stay tuned for my next section about ISTE preparation!



Featured image by Benjamin Child published on Unsplash