The importance of having a plan

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We use a plan for the following purposes:

  • Overview of the topic
  • Logical sequence of ideas
  • Construct a flow of ideas in each paragraph
  • Tidy up language (from sentences to technical words)
  • Organise the reference list + insert in-text reference in the body paragraphs

Besides writing a plan for the whole report, it is also important to write a plan for the body paragraphs in detail information. An order paragraph should look like:

  • ¬†Topic sentence ( a general statement)
  • Explain the idea
  • Give examples to support (1 – 3)
  • Concluding statement to finish the current idea
  • Connecting sentence to the next body paragraph

I have done a plan according to the guidelines mentioned above so as to facilitate me writing the research report. It looks like:

Screenshot of my own work on Microsoft Word



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One thought on “The importance of having a plan

  1. Hi Lowell, it is interesting to see your plan and how you have achieved a flow of ideas for your report and in each individual paragraph. Although it takes time, I think that planning is a vital step and it is the hardest part in writing a report- sorting out your research findings and organising them into a coherent report that your reader can follow. Ms Rooney


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