What Is Digital Citizenship?


What does digital citizenship mean to you?

Digital citizenship is an idea that recognises our participation in a virtual world and this is entitled to everyone living in 21st century. Digital citizenship also grants us rights and responsibilities on world wide web.

Why is it important for all people to understand?

It is very important for all people to know that the influence of social media is far larger than we could imagine. Therefore, any harmful behaviours that destroy your own image and others (e.g. personal attack, self-harm photos etc.) should never be seen on the internet.

What do you think is the most important point?

The most important point for me is to acknowledge the flaws of the internet that it may not be the same as what it is shown, it is hazardous sometimes. There are traps that can have followed on consequences, it is crucial to protecting yourself on the internet, for example, personal information is confidential and not to be shared.

What do you recommend? 

I recommend every internet user to recognise the dark side of world wide web, how serious it can harm people. Thus, people need to be beware of  their actions to use the internet as a good digital citizen.


One thought on “What Is Digital Citizenship?

  1. Hi, I agree that it is really important to be aware of the dangers of the Internet especially with the images that we post. In your drawing I am interested in your point about our responsibilites, freedoms and working together. These are very positive aspects of digital citizenship.


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